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What do we really know about Cocoa Butter?

What do we really know about Cocoa Butter? A lot of us only have faint memories of our mothers or grandmothers telling us it will get rid of the mark the scab we’re picking is sure to bring. (Never understood the fixation with picking scabs, but we all know we did it.) Or, we would get “greased down” with Cocoa butter or that good ol Vaseline before leaving the house to catch the school bus. We didn’t know much about it, but we knew it was a requirement and the benefits have reaped on our beautiful skin as we’ve gotten older . (My grandmother called Vaseline her wonder drug, and she had the most beautiful skin)

Cocoa butter is literally fat from the cacao bean. The cacao bean is fermented, dried, roasted, and then pressed to separate the fat (cocoa butter) from the remaining portion which is turned into cocoa powder. It is used to make chocolate, ointments, pharmaceuticals, and skin care products.

Cacao/Cocoa seeds in pod.

Native to West Africa and parts of Central and South America as well as the Caribbean, the cacao bean has been harvested for centuries to produce cocoa butter to create topical creams for protection from harsh elements like the Sun and wind. The Mayans and Aztecs also created a nice beverage made from cocoa butter and masa (corn puree) which dates back to 400 BC. These drinks were considered a luxury, some even thought of them as magical – “upon drinking, the drinker would be given power and strength.” (Now isn’t that how a lot of us thought about chocolate milk as kids?)

Cacao/cocoa seeds being harvesting in Ghana.

Cocoa butter helps moisturize and hydrate dry, peeling skin. It is stocked with an array of acids like Oleic acid, stearic acid, palmitoleic acid, and many others known to soften skin and hair as well as maintain moisture and protect against harsh climates. Cocoa butter also contains vitamin E and vitamin K, both of which repair blemished skin, reduce the look of aging, diminish swelling and relieves cuts and burns. Plainly put, cocoa butter can be used for a variety of things! Grab some of Deli’s Body Butter to keep your skin looking and feeling soft as ever. All of our products are 1/3 cocoa or cacao butter!

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