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GAIA. GUY-YA-. Gaia is. We are. The foundation of everything is Gaia. In Greek mythology,  Gaia was "believed to be the mother of all things and was one of the first entities thought to exist. She was born out of Chaos, and berthed the sky (Uranus, Ouranos) the Mountains (Ourea) and the Sea (Pontus). She joined with the Ouranos to create the world and all life in it."


Gaia's Hands is about simple, all natural, organic ingredients that we can pick straight from the land and nourish 

our bodies. Fewer ingredients means softer, tender skincare. This also makes for a sustainable culture; one where we are not depleting our resources but conserving them.

All in all, we are building a community with a foundation and understanding that we (all living things) matter and that "diversity is a survival factor for the community itself." We (humans) have been battling with nature for far too long now.  The Gaia brand will not only be about naturally taking care of what we put on our bodies, but also what we put in our belly's and the thoughts that go through our minds.  Living as naturally as possible is the aspiration.  Are you ready to take this journey with us?


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